Design and Build

Custom Engineered Bikes

We know each person is different, each body has unique biometrics and no-one rides in the same manner.
At Calculus Bikes we believe there is no reason every rider should only have a choice of three frame sizes when choosing a bicycle.
At Calculus Bikes, we engineer each bike exactly according to our clients needs to build them their best riding dream bike.


The design starts with and ErgoFiT measurement of our client.  Measurements, advanced algorithms and years of experience gives us a perfect indication of the ideal position for the rider on his or her bike.

Once we have the rider's position we design the frame around those parameters taking into account the type of riding the bike will be used for and the desired ride characteristics the rider wants.  

The components are also chosen to best complement the design and desired riding characteristics. Whether you choose Shimano or SRAM drivetrain with carbon or aluminum wheels it is all done as part of the design.


With the totally customised design in-hand the build starts.

The building of the frame is done with a combination of techniques ranging from high-tech 3D printing to hand layups of carbon fiber between the bamboo tubes.

When the frame is completed the components are assembled to finish the whole bike before sending it to the lucky new owner.