About Us

Custom Engineered Bikes

We know each person is different, each body has unique biometrics and no-one rides in the same manner.
At Calculus Bikes we believe there is no reason every rider should only have a choice of three frame sizes to when choosing a bicycle.
We engineer each bike exactly according to our clients needs to build them their best riding dream bike.


Being brothers we have known each other for a long time.  Bikes feels like they have always been in the family.  We grew up between racing, riding around at night and maintaining our own bikes. In the time from secondary school, we followed the evolution from steel framed Alpina's and 26" hardtail GT's to racing modern CUBEs and Scalpels.  We completed our undergraduate degrees at the University of Pretoria. After graduation, we spent time in different areas of industry from heavy manufacturing to operations consulting.

At the end of 2016 Millar returned from spending some time in the UK and discussions between us started on how to leverage the passion for riding and bikes with our engineering skills and knowledge into a viable business.

The more we investigate the possibilities the more excited we became at the prospect of setting up a bike manufacturing business, and in leu CALCULUS BIKES was born.


At Calculus Bikes there is a team of engineers building your bike.
We know how important expertise is. The best possible team is building the best riding dream bikes.

BEng Mech

Professional background:

  • Military vehicle design
  • Design testing and analysis

Years riding experience: 10

Preference type of riding:

  • Triathlon,
  • MTB single stage
  • Multiday events

Most memorable races:

  • World Triathlon Australia
  • X-Terra Hawaii
  • Berg 2 Bush


BEng Ind, BEng Hons, MEng, MBA

Professional background:

  • Continuous Improvements
  • Consulting services; operations and strategy

Years riding experience: 16

Preference type of riding:

  • Endurance races
  • Multiday events

Most memorable races:

  • Trans Baviaans
  • Cape Pioneer Trek
  • Tankwa Trek